Save the Guitar Solo

The music on this website is free for downloading.  These tracks have been produced for various projects
so there is not any one particular style or format.  They might be songs with lyrics or short "cues" for TV or Film.
I hope you enjoy them and keep visiting the site cuz i will constantly put new tracks here.
Would love you to leave your email address, so I might contact you when I am playing in your neighborhood,
or let you know about an upcoming project.  Also, I am on a quest to save the guitar solo, which is now on the
endangered species list thanx to the "everything in 50 seconds" radio programmers.  WTF 
Apparently they feel that because of our short attention span we can no longer sit thru a guitar solo. 
Help me save this endangered American icon by lifting a flame or giving a hoot when you hear a guitar solo you luv.
Please do not use this music for commercial purposes without permission
Feel free to Blog me. Luv Ya