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Hello All. In August I went to Los Angeles with my good friend David Fry (Fryman) and we recorded some new tracks at the incredible Henson Studio D. Henson Studio is the original sound stage that Charlie Chaplin built in 1917. Then in the 60's it was bought by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss and became became A&M records. During this period the sound stage and campus was transformed into the world class audio facility it is today. In 1999 A&M was bought by Universal and the facility was subsequently sold to The Jim Henson Company home of Kermit, The Swedish chef, The Count, Animal and Gonzo just to name a few of my favorites. We had the unbelievable experience to record with Tal Wilkenfeld and Vinnie Colaiuta. I cannot thank these great artists enough and appreciate not only their epic musicianship but their patience and humility. We also had the honor of working with the incredible John Paterno, the crazy, insane great audio engineer of life. I hope you enjoy these songs as much as Fryman and I did writing and recording them. What a blast. The new songs are: "She Bringing up the Heavy Stuff", "Acrobat", "Tell Me When" and "This kind of Rain". They are available in the music section of my site for free so download and share cuz i don't care. Please listen with headphones or earbuds, your ears will love you for that. Check out the photos in my photo section for pics of session. I will be back in Los Angeles most of November to spend time at the incredible Westlake studio facility. I am hoping to record a few new things while I am there. 
Have fun, luv ya   Mark

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The music on this website is free for downloading.  These tracks have been produced for various projects
so there is not any one particular style or format.  They might be songs with lyrics or short "cues" for TV or Film.
I hope you enjoy them and keep visiting the site cuz i will constantly put new tracks here.
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Apparently they feel that because of our short attention span we can no longer sit thru a guitar solo. 
Help me save this endangered American icon by lifting a flame or giving a hoot when you hear a guitar solo you luv.
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